Hand-made chocolates since 1924. 

Condie's Candies was first established in 1924 by George Charles Phillipps, a candy maker who specialized in European caramels and roasting nuts. Through the years, George's candy business has been handed down through four generations, all the while keeping business ownership in the family. We are proud to say we treat each of our customers as if you are part of our family, too!

Condie's Candies specializes in hand-made chocolates of all kinds from start to finish. Growing more popular each year are our fresh pecan rolls. If you haven't treated yourself to one of these, we highly recommend you do! 


Condie's Candies maintains the same high standards of quality by using only the finest ingredients available, such as real butter, heavy cream, freshly roasted nuts and premium chocolate. In addition, our candy is made in small batches to ensure the freshest product possible for our customers. We offer traditional favorites and also create new flavors every season. It's never a dull moment around Condie's!

Condie's Candies offers the best products without compromise!